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Tema: Presentation and review of the Medical Chronograph "Galeno"

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    I'm sorry for English post, please forgive me, but I can't speak Spanish.

    Number 218 arrived safely to Poland early this week. The watch is better than I thought it would be .

    Dial is super handsome and sexy. IMO it is the greatest thing about the watch .

    Printing is nice, the color of the dial is perfect (a little creamy, in some lighting it looks like vintage yellowish, but in some it is white) and the glossy effect after laquering is fantastic, love it. It doesn't look like enamel, it has different character but no worse, just different and I really like that effect .

    Heat treated hands are also fantastic! I have a Parnis with painted hands and indicies and now when I have a true blued hands I can easly tell the difference, it is much better.

    Crown and pushers are very good. Love the Eskulap's snake. Case size is modern but still universal, 49mm lug to lug fits me fine (16,5-17cm wrist). Firstly I thought that 20mm lugs would be nicer for that vintage inspired watch, that it would be slimmer, but now I like that wide 22mm lugs. It make the watch stronger, more magnificent - reminds me a crab .

    I am surprised by the strap. It is too long. For sure it is longer than normal and I don't know why... I would have to make another hole to make it fit my wrist and I don't have the smallest one. The structure and color of the leather looks cheap for me, but it is minor flow, perfectly acceptable in the budget. However the stamped Galeno writing is super cool. Also The buckle is nice, big with great GALENO engraving.

    I changed the strap and tried some thicker vintage greenish brown handmade by Martu. Here is how it looks:

    And the heart of our Galenos - the beautiful Seagull st-19.

    It is a real pleasure for an eye. Mine is very accurate, like a chronometer. Did you guys regulate each one? Winding action is very good. Big crown is comfortable and winding is a pleasure to be done everyday. My chronograph beats steadily, I don't witness jumping hand ticking like a quartz, but I saw this on youtube.

    However there is a flow. Chronograph operation is a little confusing to me. I don't know if it is how it should be, or is there something wrong? Firstly the chronograph seconds hand has a little loose, play (when reset it can move about one tick right and left, it is not much, but it can be heard when rotating the watch). What concerns me the most is that the start/stop pusher has some grainy feeling. When pushing it there is first resistance, which is normal (physiological ;>) and then just after that and close to the end there is second resistance, smaller, but you can feel and hear it easily. It doesn't start the chrono yet, just after that resistance you push it to the end and the chrono starts. It is the same when stopping the chrono. The seconds hand jumps a little when started and also when stopped. Not always but often. When stopped it doesn't stop where it was sometimes but can jump for example one second back. Timing isn't that precise. As I remember when handling different chronographs, even vintage they didn't do that. Is it normal in this movement? Another issue is that sometimes it locks and e.g. when paused and I try to start it the hand only moves once and is still stopped and I have to carefully try again few times more untill that little thing by the column wheel come back to it's place. I think it is related to that imprecise, grainy(?) (extra resistance point) action of start/stop pusher. Of course I never reset chrono while it's going . I would be very thankfull If someone can answer this .

    All in all I am very happy about this watch. It is special for me, as I am finishing my pharmacy studies right now and maybe not everyone knows that, but Galen is known not only as a doctor but also as a father of present pharmacy. We produce galenic medicines in pharmacies to these days, they are groundwork of this profession. So it is a great gift for myself for my graduation and you can be sure that number 218/300 will be used as a Cronografo Medico is intended to be (finally, not like divers and pilots in my collection ).

    Thank you guys for all the effort and making the project to the end, it was 100% worth waiting. I will also write some review on our Polish forum and facebook group.

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