Finally I have....

Por último tengo un Seiko Monster en mi colección. El reloj es aún mejor en el real de lo que yo esperaba. Estoy impresionado. Gracias Adan! Gran tener un reloj que ha sido propiedad de un buen amigo.



Finally I have a Seiko Monster in my collection. The watch is even better in real than I had hoped for. I am impressed. Thank you Adan! Great to have a watch that has been owned by a good friend.



Hi Sjors, welcome to the analog (actually low-frequency digital, 3 Hz in that case) side! :wink:
Glad you’re enjoying the Monster. :smiley:

Yo tengo uno igual hace tiempo y es francamente fantástico. Enhorabuena. ¡Que lo disfrutes!.

Felicidades Sjors, que lo disfrutes, tiene aspecto ser muy robusto y de verse muy bien denoche, la esfera naranja le da un aspecto muy deportivo.

Enorabuena¡¡¡¡¡ Yo estoy esperando el mio de hong Kong.Naranjito ven con papa,:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Congratulations Sjors!

Be careful, you are entering in the dangerous world of japanese mechanical watches, it’s like the G-shock world (cheap, good and attractive watches) but it have hands and lume…:D:D:D

Enjoy your new Monster, it’s a great watch:)


I can’t believe Adan got rid off that beauty… He has definitely lost all traces of good taste selling that orange monster :wink: I’m glad you got it though. It’s in good hands now. Adan is a great guy with an awesome sense of humour.

por ahí se empieza y acaba uno vendiendo todos los G´s :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

un saludo

congratulations for your new monster… I prefer this colour than orange… it´s very original… enjoy it a lot of years… see you

Congrats Sjors, enjoy your new Monster!!

Mi enhorabuena Sjors. Es una especie de G-Shock pero en automático.
Saludos :wink:

Thank you everybody for your kind words!

I was a bit surprised too, but ADAN likes to stay with the G-Shock watches. I would be the last person to say I can’t understand that:D

I am very impressed with the watch. About a year ago I gave my mother my yellow dial Seiko Kinetic, and I wanted to have a nice replacement.I am now sure I have found that one.



Only you can understand me…:smiley:
I like the Monster its a marvellous watch with great & diferent looking.But the mechanical watches are not for me…all weeks change the hour/date, I dont like this.
(You can call me “stupid man”).(El resto del foro tambien…:smiley: ).I think the Monster is great if you wear every day…
I send you with “if you like”…if you dont like the watch return…but I think all people like this model.
You have any watches for me(London model for example), I like you have this watches for me in your collection.

But…I think bought other Monster…in black…

Really LOVE my Frogman 25Th…:inlove: :inlove:

you have bought a marvellous watch, I have the same model and my sensations are really really good, congratulations Sjors.