Riesgos, y problemas de crear una micromarca

Acabo de leerlo en el Facebook. Al parecer es el fundador de la marca wicked watch co, creo que se llegó a hablar de ella en el foro. A mí el modelo Pearl diver que están intentando sacar me gusta mucho.
Pues el chaval este cuenta un poco sus andanzas al parecer con una empresa suiza a la que encargo no se si la fabricación, o el montaje me imagino de los relojes. Para flipar.

A ver si el link se ve así.

Si no lo pegó tal cual

Starting a microbrand is not easy. There are many odds against you and then there are the cheaters that are after your money only.
We started our journey with the Pearl Diver last year and after some unfortunate delays, we finally delivered all pre orders this summer and we are currently selling stocks we have left…
We entrusted a supplier in Grenchen, Switzerland to assemble our watches and they were willing to help us with the many different combos that we offered to our backers, it is a nightmare to organize :smile: Back in January I finally received the watches and I was so excited to ship them out. I started QC and notice almost on each watch a flaw, be it glue on the bezels (we supplied the 3M tape, they used glue and too much), scratches on the hands and so on… I was down on the ground and needed some time to find myself…
How could this happend in Switzerland, that’s what I was thinking… the watchmaker that assembled them was probably super drunk or something… However when we confronted them with the defects, they just play cold and said the watches are fine and QC checked from 25 cm distance, most problems could be seen from that distance… they started to blame me, that we supplied the parts in wrong packaging, we are amateur bla bla etc. which is impossible, the new watchmaker had no issue and could fix all of the problem watches… It was obivous that they are just not able to do the job right. This story left me with damaged parts worth few thousand $, paid bills of a lousy assemble job of a couple thousands $… not counting the bills of the new watchmaker to fix the watches and re ordering the parts…
SO if you want to start a microbrand, make sure you don’t use the first best supplier… test them and get the one you can trust in bad times…
This experience led me to offer a QC service for watch brands that produce parts in Switzerland or China… I am travelling between Switzerland and China few times a year and I am in Shenzhen right now… If there is any brand that need assistance with suppliers that are trying to cheat, QC, production problems or anything… I might be able to help as I am good connected with the locals here… I helped some microbrands before and I am happy to support you. after all competion we are also a small family I think and we should give support eachother :slightly_smiling_face:


En todas partes cuecen habas, como se suele decir. Otra cosa es evadir responsabilidades cuando los fallos son tan evidentes y más siendo una empresa suiza, que se supone que trabajan con buenos sueldos como para hacer las cosas bien sin chapuzas de este pelo.


Como si en Suiza no hubiesen delicuentes de toda clase!

Tu pueden estafar y timar en cualquier parte del mundo y más, en cuestión de negocios.