DIY Dw-5600E Mil-Shock modding

As a Italian Member of the Comando-G i’m going to present to you my new modding … a great one for me… :slight_smile:

after asking many questions about the well known Casio DW-5600E Mil-Shock … and after retrieving many info , measures of this timepiece…and knowing that Countycomm no longer has this watch in production , I started a personal project thinking at the right way to make one of this Mil-Shock by myself …

The first Mil-Shock produced had the red lettering on it… but after they continued to produce it with normal letters due to the avaiability of watches… so i decided to practice the modding on a standard DW-5600E.

The specs of the Mil-shock produced by Countycomm i’ve found online (courtesy of :

Special Operations Peculiar Modification
These Casio G-Shocks have been specially modified to better conform to military specification. A number of these have been provided by request to members of the COALITION JOINT TASK FORCE 180 (Afghanistan), and are now undergoing T&E for broader issuance to U.S. Military forces.

  1. All incoming watches are inspected for accuracy, water resistance, proper function, battery performance and cosmetic appearance.
  2. The case of the watch is machined to allow a MIL-S 46383B TYPE 3 20mm band with blackened stainless steel buckle to replace the factory hard plastic band. These nylon bands have a melting point of 482 degrees F making them suitable for aviators. The band also stays flexible down to -20 degrees for winter operations.
  3. Wimpy chrome plated brass Spring bars have been replaced with solid stainless steel pins that won’t rot out no matter how much salt, sweat and dust they are subjected to.
  4. Includes a original copy of the 8"X11" Operator’s Guide Book as provided to the U.S. Naval Weapons Laboratory, Virginia
    The standard features of this watch include:
    Shock resistant (G-Shock) · Electro-luminescent backlight · 1/100 second stopwatch Measuring capacity: 23:59 59:99" Measuring mode: net time, split time, 1st-2nd place times · Daily alarm · Hourly time signal · Regular timekeeping: hour, minute, second, am/pm, date, day · Auto-calendar (pre-programmed until the year 2039) · 12/24 hour formats · Accuracy: ± 30 seconds per month · Battery: Approx. 2 years on CR2016

Now it’s time to build it with 20mm nato straps and fixed lugs.I read online that the producer had a special guide to drill the lugs and a special tool or shape to make the process of drilling and milling the case of the watch automated and easy to do.

Sooo… after damaging a DW-5600E that i had in my drawer … i found a used DW-5600E case .At this point i choose to build a stamp using the old watch in order to get the holes that i would have to drill into it in the desired position and in a straight and simmetrical place…

A friend of mine helped me into building the special mold with reference holes in it … and then i used it to drill the holes … later i completed the process of trimming the case using a dremel and others tool and in the end i think i built a Mil-Shock very close to the original… objouvsly this one isn’t one built by countycomm… but hey… i did it because there’s no luck to find one of the original online for sale … so i give it a try …

Now there’s some pictures to clarify how i did it.

un bicolage muy apañado, te quedo chulo

Hard job man!! But nice result!!

Nice job man.

You could have used adapters for Nato, so you don’t have to drill the lugs:


Great job!!!


Yes… i know this very well… i do not like so much nato adapters … and with 16mm springbars under heavy duty job the springbars may wear out or break and you can lose your watch on the field … that’s the idea behind solid spring bars vs spring bars…

my goal here was to build a watch that “Countycomm” has no longer in productions sice years… here’s a link :
when they realized a bunch of them for troops that was sent to Afghanistan…

Nowadays original mil-shock watch, like those who was realized by Countycomm years ago’ ,are very hard to find … and the price usually are very high… so i built one of those for a friend of mine to kee it in his G-shock collection … i hope he will be happy with the results as i am …