New member says hello

Hello from Belgium!

First of all i apologize for writing in english ( i wish i could speak/read spanish :innocent:)

I cam across this forum by someone on horlogeforum ( same thing as here but used by belgian/dutch watch addicts :grin:)
I am also amember on watchuseek and the german uhrforum.
You can never see enough nice watches right :sunglasses:
On my wrist today i was wearing my Sub btw. I will show some more later.

Happy Holidays :beers:


Hello @Virantaa welcome to your home. It is a pleasure to have you among us.

Your entry in the forum is spectacular with that watch. congratulations on having that Sub. is very pretty.

If you have any questions about the operation of the forum, do not hesitate to ask. We are here to help.

a hug


Hola Virantaa, bienvenido a tu casa. Es un placer tenerte entre nosotros.

Espectacular tu entrada en el foro con ese reloj. felicidades por tener ese Sub. es muy bonito.

Si tienes alguna duda sobre el funcionamiento del foro, no dudes en preguntar. Estamos aquí para ayudar.

un abrazo

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Thank you for accepting me here, i will manage to fit in :blush: this forum works alsmost the same as the dutch one. I only will have to translate it.

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Welcome to the jungle! Nice sub btw

If you start showing a sub… willing to see what you are about to show… :sweat_smile:


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Welkom in dit, uw huis!!!

PS: Collega-forumchef en capo di tutti capi is Vlaams-Belg.


Not sure if i can upload that many pictures :sweat_smile:

Thanks :+1:

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As many as u wish, they will be more than welcome

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I will upload some in the morning. Have a great night :blush:



Look at the projects on the forum, there are two available right now, maybe you are interested!

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Welcome, a really nice watch you have there.

Bienvenido, un reloj realmente bonito el que llevas ahí.

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Bienvenido @Virantaa … google translator will be your friend


Here you go :blush:


Welcome to our/your forum, best wishes.

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Welcome to Hdr

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Bienvenido, amigo!!!
Has llegado a una buena casa.

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Wellcome, bienvenido


Gracias :blush::wave:

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Bienvenido amigo.

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