*A torii (鳥居 torii?) is a traditional Japanese gate commonly found at the entry to a Shinto shrine, although it can be found at Buddhist temples as well. It has two upright supports and two crossbars on the top, and is frequently painted vermilion. Some torii have tablets with writing mounted between the crossbars. Traditionally, torii are made of wood or stone. In recent times, makers have started to use steel and even stainless steel. Torii mark the transition from the sacred (the shrine) to the profane (the normal world).

Inari shrines typically have many torii. A person who has been successful in business often donates a torii in gratitude. The Fushimi Inari shrine in Kyoto has thousands of such torii.

The origin of the word “torii” is not known. One theory is that it was designed for birds to rest, as hinted by the kanji (鳥 tori: bird; 居 i: place). This is because in Shintoism, birds are considered messengers of the gods. A second theory is that it is derived from the term tori-iru (取り入る: pass through and enter).

It is unknown whether torii are indigenous to Japan or if they were imported from somewhere else. However, in an old Japanese legend, the sun goddess Amaterasu became extremely annoyed with her prankster brother, so she hid herself in a cave and sealed the entrance with a rock, causing an eclipse. The people were afraid that, if the sun never returned, they would all die. So, at the advice of a wise old man, they built a large bird perch out of wood and placed all the town’s cockerels on it. They all started to crow noisily, causing the curious sun goddess to peek out of her cave. The door being open a crack, a large sumo wrestler from the town ran up and pushed the rock away, letting the sun out, and thus the world was saved. That bird perch was the first torii gate. From then on, the torii became a symbol of prosperity and good fortune, and spread all over Japan.*

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